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Hegumen  Philip (Vasiltsev)
Hegumen Philip (Vasiltsev Andrei Vsevolodich) was born on the 26th of December 1969 in Saratov in the family of hereditary priest, protopriest Vsevolod Stepanovich Vasiltsev (later on Basil  archbishop of Kirovograd and Alexandriya).
In 1987 he graduated from secondary school 10 in Saratov and was awarded by silver medal.
From 1987 till 1992 he studied at the philological faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (specialty Russian language and literature ).
From July 1992 till October 1992 he was among the brethrens of St. Danil Monastery (Moscow).
On the 18th of March 1993 he took his monastic vows at the St. Danil Monastery. The veiling was done by Monasterys Abbot archimandrite Alexy (Polikarpov).
On the 26th of April 1993 His Holiness Patriarch Alexy the Second ordained him a deacon in the Trinity Cathedral of St. Danil Monastery.
On the 9th of June 1994 His Holiness Patriarch Alexy ordained him a hieromonk in St. Nicolas Cathedral of Pepervinskiy Monastery (Moscow).
From 1992 till 1998 he studied at the external sector of Moscow Theological Seminary.
From 1998 till 2004 he studied at the external sector of Kiev Theological Academy. 
From October 1999 till October 2001 he was among the clergy of Three Sanints Metochion in Paris. At the same time from June 2000 he was the abbot at the parish of Holy Trinity and New Russian Martyrs in Vanva (suburb of Paris).
From the 7th of October 2001 till 21 of August 2007 he was among the clergy of St. Nicolas stavropegial parish in Rome.
From May 2004 he is the President of Fund named after St. Archimartyr Katerina in Rome, at the same time he is in charge of building the Cathedral of  St. Archimartyr Katerina at the Russian villa Abamelek in Rome.
From 21st of August 2007 he is the clergy of St. Archimartyr Katerina parish in Rome.
From 17th of January 2008 he is appointed to be the secretary of Moscow Patriarch parishes Governor in Italy. 

1996 epigonation;
2001 pestoral cross;
6th of June 2006  ordained hegumen.
By the Decree of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia from May 24, 2009 was awarded the right to wear a cross with decorations.
Priest Anatoliy Zmeu
Priest Anatoliy Zmeu was born on the 3rd of June 1979 in the village Chenak, Cimislia district (Moldova). In 1996 he graduated from Theoretical Lyceum of Cimislia. From 1998 till 2002 he studied at Chisinau Theological Seminary in New-Neamţ Monastery.
In 2003-2007 he finished the correspondence department of the Kiev Theological Academy.
On September 12th he was ordained a deacon by Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova Vladimir. His practice was held at Theodoro-Tironovsky Chuflinsky cathedral of Chisinau.  
At the 8th of January 2000 he was ordained a priest  by Bishop Cahul and Lepushnyanskim Anatoly.
At the 10th of  October 2009 by the decision of  Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church he was sent to the Diocese of Korsun  to serve for  Moldovan Orthodox diaspora in Italy.
Married. Children: Anisia  and Thomas.  
Awards: epigonation, skouphos, kamelaukion, a gold pectoral cross. In 2008 elevated to the rank of archpriest.
Tel.: +39 39 2573 2516
       +39 328 8179715
Priest Michael Povalaev
Priest Mikhail Pavlovich Povalaev was born on the 12th of November 1981 in Kharkov (Ukraine), in the family of priest.
In 1999 he graduated from secondary school 72, Kharkov.
Since 1996 he was  subdeacon of Annunciation Cathedral in Kharkov.
From 1999 till 2003 he studied at the Kharkiv Theological Seminary.
Since 2003 he was senior subdeacon of the Annunciation Cathedral and the Assistant Clerk of the Kharkiv diocesan office.
Also in 2003 he was enrolled in the 1 st course of the correspondence department of the Kiev Theological Academy, where he graduated in 2007.
In 2004 he joined the history department of the Kharkiv National University.
In 2004 he was appointed a professor of History of the Russian Orthodox Church regency offices in Kharkiv Theological Seminary.
 In the following year 2005 he was reassigned as a teacher of History of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 2nd class of Kharkiv Theological Seminary.
Since 2007 he was a teacher of History of Western Confessions by maintaining the previous posts.
At the 23rd of September 2007 he was ordained a deacon by Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogodukhovsk Nicodim, and at the 21st of November 2007 he was ordained a priest by Archbishop Izyums'kyi Onuphrii, Vicar of the Kharkiv Diocese.
Since December 2007 he was deputy head of the youth department of the Kharkov Diocese.
In the period from 2007 to 2009 he served in churches in the Diocese of Kharkiv of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Married. Daughter Sofia.
Awards: in 2008 - the pectoral cross
Tel.: +39 334 5090326
      +39 327 0205435